The primary purpose of the Designer (Revit) is to create technical drawings based on given specifications and calculations. The Designer (Revit) reports to the Architect.

Classification: Non-Exempt


  • Conduct themselves in alignment with the Downing Core Values
  • Incorporate specifications into preliminary drawings to be used in the construction, renovation, or repair of a structure
  • Assist with architectural drawings when applicable
  • Use Revit software to produce drawings showing patterns, site layout, and custom design
  • Lay out and plan interior room arrangements for commercial buildings using Revit software
  • Efficiently and accurately obtain field measurements when needed
  • Comply with all work-related deadlines
  • Clearly identify, discuss, and solve key issues for the greater good and long term


  • Architect with drafting as primary focus or Drafter with a minimum of 1 year of experience
  • Artistic ability to interpret the vision of the client
  • Proficiencies with Revit drafting software
  • Proficient with computers, tablets, smartphones and Microsoft Suite
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Must have a keen attention to detail
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills
  • Strong organizational skills including management of deadlines and ability to keep track of the status of multiple jobs
  • Team focused with initiative to work individually
  • Disciplined work ethic, dependable, punctual
  • Service attitude
  • Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to function in a forward-thinking environment and mindset
  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines
  • Work outside of standard company hours may be required at times in order to meet certain deadlines

Leadership Skills

  • Takes ownership and responsibility
  • Fosters teamwork
  • Serves as an example to others


Is a good promoter of all things Downing, both internally and externally


Be the ambassador of Downing’s safety motto: One Person. One Team. One Family.